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4 Things You Could Do to Win Your Los Angeles Disability Benefits Claim

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applicants in Los Angeles should be 100 percent prepared for their claim to avoid getting denied. It is common knowledge that the Social Security Administration (SSA) rejects thousands of SSDI initial applications every year. This means that the odds are not on the side of claimants, which is why they must prepare for such eventuality.

There several simple ways Los Angeles SSDI applicants could do to have better chances of having an approved claim, including the following:

Determine the disability – The SSA only approves applications of people with disability that is expected to last for at least 12 months or could result in death. Also, the agency only entertains claims of applicants who have disability that makes it impossible for them to continue working. Hence, if the applicant does not meet these requirements, there is a very slim chance for his or her application to be approved.

Do not delay – If a person gets disabled and can no longer continue his or her job, he or she is already eligible to apply for SSDI benefits. The application should be done immediately so as not to delay getting benefits if the claim is approved. Claimants should remember that it takes time for their applications to be reviewed and be approved or rejected, so it is recommended that they file their claim as soon as possible.

Follow physician’s advice – When disabled and filing for SSDI benefits, it is a must to regularly visit your physician to get an update on your condition. In addition to knowing whether your condition is improving or not, visiting your physician allows you to secure necessary medical documents that you could present before the SSA. These documents can help you prove that you are in need of financial assistance from the federal government.

Hire a Social Security lawyer – Los Angeles SSDI applicants are advised to hire a Los Angeles disability attorney for their claim. Their lawyer can help them in filing their claim, completing requirements, and knowing the dos and don’ts during the duration of the claim’s process. Furthermore, in case the initial application is denied, a lawyer’s assistance is very beneficial during the appeal’s process.

Los Angeles SSDI claimants should know beforehand the things they must do to avoid getting denied. Meanwhile, applicants who are still confused even after reading the tips above are advised to contact a Los Angeles disability lawyer for consultation and legal advice.

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