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931 Ambulance Patients Robbed of SS Number, Personal Info

December 7, 2012

Berkeley – No less than 931 Berkeley patients who rode city ambulances were apparently robbed of their Social Security numbers, names, and birth dates, reports said.

The suspect was identified as a female Florida resident. Investigators believe she may have used such information to file fake federal tax returns.

According to a representative, the suspect worked for Intermedix, a Florida based ambulance-billing company, which provides services to 300 cities, Berkeley, and to ambulance companies across the United States.

Debra Pryor, Berkeley fire chief, stated that Intermedix is currently sending letters to the victims, notifying them that their personal information was stolen. To compensate for the loss, Intermedix is offering a year of free credit monitoring.

Meanwhile, Intermedix spokeswoman, Lisa MacKenzie, said the suspect also took information from patients who rode ambulances in some California cities. However, she is unaware of the number of patients who were affected in those cities.

She added that the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) has already notified Intermedix.

The local Florida police and the IRS have not yet commented on the issue.

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