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Applying for Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration caters to people who need assistance in terms of disability benefits and retirement benefits. Disabilities can happen anytime; this can be due to accidents or health reasons. In applying for social security disability benefits, a claimant must qualify in the rules provided by the Administration, primarily in the agency’s definition of disability. According to their rules, in order to be considered as a disability a person’s condition must be incapacitating in a way that it will last for 6 month to one year or more and renders that person incapable of performing substantial and gainful activity. Furthermore, he must have worked the required minimum of years and paid the social security taxes. All these are carefully checked out by the Administration in order to be sure that the claim is really a valid one.

In order to apply for disability benefits, a claimant must get in touch with the nearest social security office. After you have informed them of your intention to file a claim, a schedule will be set for an interview in the office or by phone. In the interview it is important that the applicant should be able to answer the requisite questions. Having the obligatory forms and supporting documents on the ready will be a very big plus when applying for social security disability benefits.

There are various forms and paper work involved when applying for social security disability benefits. A claimant must be able to accomplish the necessary forms and present the required documents so that the process will be sped up. If unsure of what form to accomplish, the applicant can ask for assistance in the social security personnel.

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