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Attorney Employment Agreement

Every company provides an employment agreement or more commonly known as a contract, for every employee that they hire. The attorney employment agreement is a legal document that contains all the necessary terms and conditions regarding the job. This contains the name of the employer or the company and the name of the employee. This document states the length of time of the employee’s stay in the company. Salary, duties and position, confidentiality, vacation, disability and benefits should be clearly stated in the agreement. An employee must carefully read and understand every detail included in the contract before signing the said document. If there is any question or clarification, it should be expressed prior to the signing and the employer or authority in charge should make time to clarify things for the employee.

Once signed, both the employer and employee are bound by the terms and conditions set out in the attorney employment agreement. Each party must abide by it because not doing so would be a violation. The employee or the employee has the right to sue the other if one party does not honor the conditions in the agreement. Furthermore, to legalize the agreement, it must be notarized by the proper authority and a copy must be provided to the persons concerned.

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