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Baby Boomers, Women Contribute to Increase in Long Term Disability Claims – CDA

September 03, 2012

Portland, Maine – A press statement released by the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) stated that the number of long term disability claims continued to increase every year.

Likewise, according to the 2012 Long Term Disability Claims Review, the number of wage earners protected by private disability income insurance declined last year for the third consecutive time.

The press release also stated that of the 155,000 new disability claimants approved by CDA member companies last year, more than half of them were women, or around 57 percent. The said percentage has slowly increased as against total male claims.

Incidentally, individuals over the age of 60 were the ones with the largest increase in the number of new approved claims over the past four years, thus reflecting the so-called “baby boomers” and their aging.

Moreover, a decline over the past four years was seen on claims for individuals between ages 40 and 50, while new claims for those under age 40 and those in their 50’s remain steady.

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