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Death can knock to your door at anytime. Death doesn't choose its victim. It does harbor pain for the surviving family in dealing with the loss of a parent, or a spouse. Fortunately help is always there for social security holders. If somebody dies from a terrible accident or during the call of duty, Social Security can provide assistance for the survivors thru social security death benefits. Eligible survivors will be able to collect a lump sum payment payable to them, which will cover funeral expenses and others. If you live in Beverly Hills, our Beverly Hills attorneys from Mesriani & Associates can explain to you how your surviving family can claim of your social security death benefits.

For most cases, Social Security awards a death benefit lump sum payment amounting to $255, but for war veterans the payment may reach up to $1100, especially if the veteran died in line of duty. This is a special program run by the Social Security Association for incumbent and retired members of the US armed forces. In addition to that lump sum payment, Social Security will also give burial plot assistance worth $150 for the surviving family.

When applying for social security death benefits, an eligible survivor must supply the necessary information to be approved for the benefits. The Social Security Administration website has all the information needed for those entitled to get social security death benefits.
There are certain instances where death occurred due to a motor vehicle accident. Benefits under Life or Casualty Insurance (one of the types of social security death benefits) can be given to survivors under no-fault provisions. Benefits can also be obtained in case of death due to crime, or if death occurred during work with an employer. If you are in Beverly Hills and in need of assistance in determining the rightful benefit that can be obtained from a worker's death, our social security Beverly Hills attorneys can best assist you. Call Mesriani & Associates today and we will have our Beverly Hills attorneys evaluate your case as soon as possible.

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