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Blue Cross Offers Credit Monitoring for Exposure of Doctors' SS Numbers

October 14, 2009

Chicago, Illinois – Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is offering credit monitoring services amid fears from doctors about the possible exposure of their personal information that includes their Social Security numbers.

It all started when the Chicago based trade group for the nation’s Blue Cross health insurance plans confirmed that one of their employee broke protocol and transferred information to a personal laptop.

The laptop was subsequently stolen last August, which prompted various doctor groups to warn medical care providers across the country about the possibility of breach.

The information on the laptop was from the medical care provider data repository, which has the names, addresses and provider identification numbers of about 800,000 doctors in the US.

About 20 percent of the doctors on the list have their Social Security numbers as their medical-care identification number.

The information is being used by insurance companies to pay doctors.

BCBSA reiterated that no patient information was on the database to quell concerns about breach of personal health records.

As of now, no doctors have reported any anomaly about their credit or suspicion of possible security breaches.

According to BCBSA, the car where the laptop was stolen was just one among several vehicles that were vandalized.

They believe that the thief has no intention of using the data for identity theft.

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