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The Social Security Administration provides yet another type of benefit for the aged. It's called Medicare, a health insurance plan that covers all medical conditions for people aged 65 and up. You can only receive Medicare if you reached the full retirement age, and eligibility becomes automatic once you reach that age. Most people will be signed up already for Medicare, but people who are receiving social security at an earlier age may have to re-apply for these benefits when they reach their 65th birthday. You will usually receive a notification from the SSA saying that your Medicare benefits will be effective soon, months before you reach 65. Medicare goes hand-in-hand with retirement benefits, and if you have your own private HMO, you can still use your Medicare.

Getting approved of SSA benefits that includes Medicare is a must for old people. If you live in the county of Burbank and you’re having difficulty getting approved for Medicare, our Burbank attorneys can help you get approved.

Generally there are two parts of the Medicare program: hospital insurance and medical insurance - aptly called Part A and Part B. Part A will cover costs for hospital care which includes hospital accommodation (ward, room or a hospital facility), meals, nursing services and other hospital services. It can also extend to hospice care and even home health care. This is usually the coverage being given for in-patients.

Part B of Medicare covers medical services such as doctor's fees, medicine, laboratory tests, physical therapy, ambulatory services and other types of medical services given either in-patient or out-patient. You can avail of Part B at the hospital, at the doctor's office, or at any other health care facility.

Availing these benefits is part of the programs under the whole Social Security System. It is best that you know what type of Medicare benefits would suit your medical condition. If you live in Burbank and would like to avail of Medicare coverage, or having difficulties in obtaining them, call our Burbank attorneys from Mesriani & Associates today and we will help you secure your Medicare benefits. Our Burbank attorneys are on call 24/7.

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