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Bush Cuts Social Security Benefits

President Bush used a rare prime-time nationally televised press conference Thursday to open up a campaign for cutting Social Security benefits and ultimately dismantling the country’s principal old-age pension system.

This press conference is the first of his second term but  and again he featured the smirking and semi-coherent president aided and abetted by a docile White House press corps that proved incapable of focusing upon, much less pressing, a single issue.

Now he is completing the first hundred days of his second term and it is confronted with a growing wave of popular hostility and there was no escaping the fact that the Republican president.

Generating even greater opposition to the scheme and Bush’s public relations efforts have fallen flat and despite the media’s predominantly uncritical echoing of the administration’s claims about an ominous crisis in the retirement system. Bush presented his proposal for privatizing the Social Security system to carefully vetted audiences of the Republican faithful in 23 states and the press conference followed a 60-day “barnstorming tour”.

Over half opposing of his proposal for diverting Social Security contributions into private individual investment accounts. The Washington Post/ABC News poll released a showed two out of three Americans disapproving of Bush’s approach to Social Security on Tuesday. The polls indicate a steady growth in such sentiments.

The presentation made by the president was as vague as it was deceitful while the White House billed the press conference as a forum for Bush to provide a detailed plan for Social Security.

The right to seek and to create a division in order to provide the social basis for employing is the same kind of reactionary and racist demagogy for them to undermine and gut welfare for the poor. The introduction of means-based benefits in Social Security is aimed at driving a wedge between better-paid workers and the working poor.

Their aim is not the Social Security system’s reform, but its destruction. The right of Republican has repeatedly described it as the “linchpin of the welfare state” and sees its demise as key to eradicating all forms of social spending, including Medicaid, Medicare and publicly funded education.

This is the why the administration has launched a scare campaign to portray the Social Security system as teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. The well-founded suspicion and hostility of the American people toward Bush’s Social Security scam is joined with growing opposition to the continued US military occupation of Iraq. The relentless and criminal policy of attacking the living standards and basic rights of working people for the benefit of a financial oligarchy is creating the conditions for social upheavals in the United States.

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