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The US Government has setup The Social Security Administration to address the needs of the disabled. It allows people who cannot work due to disability to get social security compensation. People who have medical conditions or disability that may last for at least another 12 months from the date of claim, and that could result to death are qualified to file a social security disability claim.

The social security benefits for retirement and disability can be extended not only to the worker, but also to the spouse and its children as dependents. In case of death, the surviving widow/widower, children or parents can also get a lump sum death payment.

To get these benefits, a petitioner must choose a program by the SSA: the SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) or the SSI (Social Security Income). When a worker pays for Social Security taxes prior to disablement, he can qualify for the SSDI based on your work history. The amount of compensation you will get from this program will depend on your earnings. On the other hand, the SSI is a program financed by the government thru general tax revenues. Those who have permanent disabilities and who have no means of income, or do not own any assets may qualify for SSI. For more information on getting these benefits, talk to one of our Calabasas attorneys if you live in Calabasas City.

The Social Security Administration has strict requirements for people to qualify for social security benefits, especially to the disabled. They follow a step-by-step process before they decide if you are disabled or not and if they will let you get the benefits. For information about the qualification process, go to

Because of this strict process, there are times that your social security disability claim may be denied. It will be very helpful that even before you apply you already obtain services of a social security attorney to avoid onset denial. The advantage of getting legal representation is avoiding government red tape and making sure that your social security disability claim gets approved. We here at Mesriani & Associates have the best Calabasas attorneys who have represented clients before and have won the claims for getting social security disability benefits. Call our toll-free number today, or submit a free case evaluation form here in our website, and be entitled for the social security you deserve, thru the legal representation of our Calabasas attorneys.

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