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California Workers Comp Rates

It's true California workers comp rates are the highest premium in the nation, even as benefits for injured workers remain in the lower third of all states. The dysfunction affects every employer and potentially, every employee in the state.

Since the early 1900s, California state law has required that all Californian employers provide workers' comp insurance for their employees. The insurance covers accidents or illness arising from employment. Benefits include lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation and permanent disfigurement/disability payments. In return, the workers can not take their employers to court.

California workers comp rates vary this is up to the employer based upon many considerations. The most significant considerations include: the classifications assigned to the employer, the insurance company offering the coverage, the amount of payroll generated by the employer and the past loss experience of the employer.

If you are interested to know more about California workers comp rates, or get an information about your legal rights and options in a workers compensation case, you should contact your nearest California workers comp attorney at your state.

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