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Claiming Social Security Disability Benefits

Workers pay social security taxes to plan and ensure their future after retirement or to help themselves when they become disabled. Becoming disabled can hinder them from doing productive work and thereby earning income. But, with social security disability benefits, a disabled person can still somehow receive income that he could use to pay for his daily necessities.

A study indicates that employees aged 20 has a 3:10 chance of being disabled before he reaches his full retirement age. So, it is only logical that workers would want to insure their future from the burden of disability. But, not all rightful applicants are approved of their claims.

According to the Social Security Agency, they turn down around 52% of applications they receive yearly. Some of them are rejected for technicalities and do not receive their benefits because they were discouraged to pursue it. In case you have been rejected at the initial stage of a claim, you must not worry, as there are other ways to pursue it.

Rightful claimants can get the help of attorneys who will help them in obtaining their Social Security Disability Benefits Claims. These lawyers are trained in handling cases involving social security and know the way to overturn or appeal the previous decision on your application.

Under the SSA program, a person is entitled to receive two major benefits - first is the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and the other is the Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Social Security Disability Insurance

People who have paid social security taxes and have worked long enough are eligible as beneficiaries of SSDI. This includes children of SSDI beneficiaries who are entitled to receive SSDI benefits provided a child has incurred the disability before reaching the age of 22.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance

Workers must possess all these requirements for him to be eligible for SSDI:

  • His mental or physical disability must be preventing him from doing any productive work that will earn him income.

  • His condition must be deemed permanent or would last for more than one year

  • The applicant must be working for at least five years in the ten-year period before he has incurred his condition.

  • The applicant must not be more than 65 years of age.

Supplemental Security Income

Unlike the SSDI, beneficiaries for SSI either can be poor or are disabled. Funds for these benefits are taken from general taxes and so workers would not need to prove their employment before they can qualify for SSI. And, children can also be qualified for SSI if he is considered to be disabled by the SSA and his parent’s income is within the allowable limits.

Processes for qualifying for these benefits would take months or even a year. This period may be too long for applicants, as they have no other means of living. And, what’s worse is that not all of them will be approved by the SSA.

The government has to protect its citizens and so they must carefully choose only those who are qualified to receive these benefits. After the application has been rejected, a a qualified beneficiary may feel discouraged, give up the fight thinking that they have done the best they could. But, they can do more.

They can file for an appeal with the help of a lawyer to be able to receive their Social Security Disability Benefits Claims.

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