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Critics Slam Romney’s Take on “Romneycare”

April 18, 2012

Critics are questioning Republican governor Willard Mitt Romney’s statements regarding the U.S. national health care plan he once championed in Massachusetts, reports said.

According to recent reports, Romney had varying statements on the now-burning issue through the years.

They recall that in 2009, Romney stated that some parts of the Massachusetts law that he championed could be used as model for the United States health care law, or what came to be known as the Affordable Care Act.

However, on this year’s campaign for the presidential bid, Romney made a complete turnaround, saying that the health care law in his home state was specially made for it alone and cannot be applied to the national level.

Furthermore, he expressed dislike over the “Obamacare” law, which, according to critics, was actually inspired by his own “Romneycare”.

John McDonough, who was identified as one of the architects of both health care plans, has made public his confusion regarding Romney’s conflicting stands on the issue.

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