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Death Social Security Administration Funeral Benefits

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Nothing more can be devastating than the death of a loved one. Added to the loss and emotional pain is the financial burden. This is where Social Security may be of big help to the families of workers who have died. Social Security will pay death social security administration funeral benefits to surviving family members. The number of years you have to work for your family to be eligible for death social security administration funeral benefits depends on your age when you die. However, no one needs more than ten years of work to be eligible for any Social Security benefit.

If possible, when a death of a loved one occurs, the survivors must make a move to determine the availability of death benefits. Generally, benefits must be applied for. They are not provided automatically. Among the benefits that survivors may be entitled to is the Social Security Benefits. The social Security administration may provide assistance and support to qualified survivors of an eligible beneficiary.

Generally, when death occurs the funeral home that serviced the family will file form SSA-721 or Statement of Death by Funeral Director that notifies the Social Security Administration that the death has occurred and to adjust monthly benefits and pay lump-sum benefits. If the deceased is receiving Social Security benefits for the month in which the death occurred become invalid. The surviving spouse or a child already receiving Social Security benefits may be eligible for a one time lump-sum benefit. If the deceased has not paid any contribution but was reported for coverage before the semester of death, the beneficiaries will still be entitled to death social security administration funeral benefits. In addition to the monthly benefits for family members, a one time payment can be paid to a spouse who was living with the worker at the time of death. If there is none, it can be paid to a spouse who is eligible for benefits or a child or children eligible for benefits.

For a death social security administration funeral benefits claim, the following documents should be attached to the claim, death certificate, and receipt of payment issued by the funeral parlor, photo of claimant and report of death, if cause of death is work related. Don’t delay your application for benefits just because you don’t have all the information. If you don’t have a document you need, Social Security can help you get it. If you need more information about your benefits, you may contact the Social Security Office to find out what benefits are available for your individual circumstances.
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