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Delaware Lawmakers Move to Scrutinize SSA Denials

March 1, 2012

Dover, DE --- Administrative law judges (ALJ) in Dover have rejected 57 percent of disability claims, urging state legislators to ask the Social Security Administration (SSA) for an explanation of such denials, reports said.

Records show that judges of SSA Dover office are constantly rejecting disability claims for several years already.

In 2010, they were found to have denied 54 percent of cases, and 60 percent in 2011. It was also found out that two judges usually reject over 70 percent of cases they handle.

According to reports, Rep. John Carney and Sen. Chris Coons have sent a letter to Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue after receiving complaints from Delawareans who claimed to be unjustly denied of benefits.

In an email statement of Carney, he said that the difference in approval rates among judges calls for a “thorough analysis” as to whether or not the claims are getting fair treatment.

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