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Democrats Dont Want You to Know in Social Security

Progress for America. What a nice name for an organization. Should you join? It sounds progressive? No, I won't join "Progress for America," because the name is a scam. Progress for America, an independent conservative group that backed Bush in the campaign, has set aside about $9 million to support the president's Social Security plan as well as other White House domestic priorities in the new year, said spokesman Brian McCabe. The group is asking its donors for much more, he said.

Another pro-Bush group with a bogus name is Alliance for Worker Retirement Security. It's a corporate group, not a workers' group as the name misleadingly suggests. Corporations will do much of their work through a group called the Alliance for Worker Retirement Security, which operates out of the National Association of Manufacturers headquarters here and was once headed by Blahous. Derrick A. Max, executive director of the alliance, said the group will probably run its own ads and help fund other efforts. "The beginning stage will be focusing on the crisis, the need to act and the cost of delay," Max said.

Privatization of Social Security is similar. Bush's con-men will say, "wouldn't you like to have your own money in your own account" as they plan to cut your benefits by 40%. Of course, it's not just the groups with the phony names who will be pushing the phony Social Security crisis and Bush's rip-off solution.

George W. Bush himself will be touring the country to promote his rotten plan. The rightwing Club for Growth and its president Stephen Moore will be promoting it, too, with an advertising campaign.

The amount which will be spent by organizations supporting Bush's Social Security plan "could easily be a $50 million to $100 million cost to convince people this is legislation that needs to be enacted," Moore said. "It's going to be expensive" because "it's the most important public policy fight in 25 years," he said.

Anyway, pay attention to plans to cut Social Security benefits, by changing how benefits are calculated. Also, don't trust a conservative group called "Progress for America" or a corporate group called "Alliance for Worker Retirement Security." If they weren't crooked, they wouldn't be trying to hide behind those fake names.

What the Democrats Don't Want You to Know About Social Security? First, most workers don't know that their employer matches their FICA contribution 100%. That's right; every dollar you put in is matched by your employer. Second, forget the gambling in the stock market scare tactic they're using. If you took your FICA money (matched by your employer) and sent it back to Washington (just like you do now) and bought U.S. Treasury Bills, an average factory worker retiring in 2010 at age 60 (not 65!) would have $312,000 in his/her account! In your own name! You could retire earlier, have more money, and leave it to your family when you die.

If we don't change Social Security, the fund will be solvent until 2052, when it will have enough money for 80 percent of promised benefits. That is the opinion of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, not just my opinion. There is no Social Security crisis, and we should NOT change Social Security. It is the Republicans who want to change how benefits are calculate to make the 40 percent smaller. Pay attention to Republican plans to cut benefits. If we raise the amount of income which is taxed for Social Security (now only the first $87,000 is taxed) then the Soc. Sec. Fund will be solvent for much longer.

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