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Disability Claims

The Social Security Act affirms that any person can file a petition for disability claims provided that they meet the requirements set by the Social Security Administration. If an individual finds himself eligible for financial benefits from the government, he can visit the nearest Social Security office to file his application or he can just do the filing through a telephone dialogue or through the Social Security website.

The process of applying for disability claims may sound so simple but in fact, it is quite complicated and tiring especially if the SSA denies your initial application. To prepare a strong application, a disabled worker should first provide plenty of evidences such as birth certificate, Social Security number, medical and employment records and other pertinent documents that will prove his eligibility for the monetary grant.

In some cases, the petitioner should undergo a thorough medical and vocational examination to determine if they can still work or perform gainful activities to acquire profit and spend for his own food, shelter and clothing. He must be incapable to work for at least a continuous period of six months to qualify for disability benefits.

After bringing his application to the Social Security office for proper scheduling of case hearings, he must present the evidences that he have gathered and if possible ask an expert witness to testify in favor of his demand. This procedure may take a lot of time and struggle.

However, there are some instances where applicants have their Social Security claims granted easily. But, it is still very much wiser to seek the assistance of competent and respectable Social Security disability attorneys who have the expertise in dealing with Social Security issues. Hiring a qualified disability representative to help you pursue the case will increase the possibility of having favorable results.

If whatsoever you will need a legal advice about your application, do not hesitate to let us know. Contact us at the soonest possible time. Our able disability claim lawyers will treat your concerns with great amount of importance.

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