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Disability Compensation Chart

If you have paid Social Security taxes during your working career, you are entitled to receive Social Security disability benefits and Medicare before the age of sixty-two. If you have been injured and unable to go back to work for a year or more, the Social Security Administration will pay you cash benefits. These benefits will continue until you are able to go back to work again on a regular basis. You will gain your compensation benefits in the event that you are injured or have work-related illness. Temporary total disability benefits are given when the worker recuperates away from work. In general, it is a requirement of every state law that employees must obtain insurance or prove that they have the financial ability to carry their own risk. Compensation programs are therefore designed and administered.

Your compensation amount
The disability compensation chart determines the amount of compensation you will receive. Typically, this disability compensation chart contains the age group and the amount of benefit perceived to be received by the claimant. Additionally, the disability compensation chart features the current disability benefit rates, medical requirements, and types of available benefits among others.

The Social Security disability claims process is a complicated proceeding that can be frustrating and confusing to a claimant. Even the most thoroughly documented medical claim may result in a denied application. For this reason, the disability compensation chart can be helpful in determining the necessary steps and documents needed in order to make a successful claim. The chart can serve as your guide in knowing what you are entitled to receive and how much you are eligible to receive.

Probably, the best way to get your claim approved is to have a lawyer who specializes in Social Security law by your side. With a Social Security disability lawyer, you can significantly increase your chance of receiving benefits and may be able to speed up the process. The often complex and frustrating claims process can be easily gone through when you have legal aid with you. You have to understand though that claiming for disability benefits have to be done as soon as possible. There are strict time limits within which you can file your claim. In order not to risk your chance of receiving benefits, you have to file your claim and contact a lawyer as early as possible.
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