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Disability? Don’t Worry!

Fate can sometimes deal a cruel hand. This is especially true for those who become disabled after an accident or sickness.

First of all, there is the difficulty of suddenly being helpless and dependent after being self-assured and self-sufficient. This is a hard fact for dedicated and hardworking professionals who have spent most of their time establishing their financial security. Then, there’s the added burden of worrying how to get by their daily basic needs and special needs as disabled citizens. Things can also get more difficult once the person affected by disability has a family that depends on his or her income for their daily needs.

Although disability has that crippling effect on once-financially secure individuals and families, remember that help is at hand. Governments of various countries offer social security benefits for their residents rendered incapable of earning sufficient income due to disability.

In the United States, the Social Security Act was passed with the main aim of safeguarding the right to social security of residents and their families. Through the years of amendments on its provisions, it has become a comprehensive law enactment. The social security law generally has five major forms. It covers retirement, disability, family matters, survivors and medical/Medicare benefits.

One of its main provisions is specifically directed for people with any form of disability. It involves a set of guidelines on the rights and benefits disabled people are entitled to receive.

Although the social security disability benefits aim to champion the rights of the disabled, not all persons with disability can apply and avail of them. The applicant must have been disabled for at least one year before he or she can be eligible for benefits. The application process involves careful scrutiny of the patient’s medical records, and other pertinent information according to the Social Security Act before being declared eligible and ultimately becoming a beneficiary.

Aside from the disabled people themselves, there is also an extension of disability rights for their families, as well. There is a special provision available for a disabled widow or widower of a person working professionally for a considerable period before his or her death. This provision can also be availed by disabled children whose parents met fatal accidents. However, the child involved should have been disabled before he or she reached the age of 22.

Accidents and sickness always happen unexpectedly. But there is no need to worry if you also have invested on medical/Medicare insurance during the time you are strong and well. The social security provisions on this health insurance scheme come in handy for your medication maintenance. It can also tide you over along with the social security disability benefits you will be receiving.

For those who find themselves disabled and unable to work anymore, stop worrying and start acting on your application for social security disability benefits. Drop by the nearest social security office in your area and file for the benefits you are entitled to have. Also, the Social Security Administration is just a phone call away. You can file for your disability benefit claims by calling their hotline number and presto, your papers are ready to go.

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