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Disability Insurance and Workman’s Compensation

When a worker is injured or disabled nothing more is frustrating than the emotional and financial stress that he/she may be going through. That is why it is essential that a worker must have disability insurance and workman’s compensation coverage to help them during these times.

On one hand, the workman’s compensation is designed to ensure that workers who are injured or disabled on the job are provided with fixed monetary awards, thus, eliminating the need for litigation. This benefit pays medical bills, benefits for temporary and permanent disabilities and retraining benefits.

On the other hand, the disability insurance benefit pays weekly benefit when an injury or illness is not job related. Employees are covered on their first day on the job by worker’s compensation while disability insurance benefits are only paid to workers and their families when the workers have enough Social Security credits to qualify.

Generally, you may claim both disability insurance and workman’s compensation for the same period of time. However, it usually takes longer time to process a disability insurance claim and your benefits may be reduced if you are also receiving workman’s compensation disability benefits.

It is typically helpful in the worker’s compensation case if you are also receiving disability insurance benefits from Social Security. Because disability insurance and workman’s compensation are the America’s two largest disability programs, it is not surprising that many people receive benefits from both.

However, with these overlapping benefits, the worker’s compensation offset was established. This offset make sure that combined amount of a disabled worker’s and family benefits from worker’s compensation and Social Security will not exceed eighty (80) percent of the worker’s average current earnings.

When you are thinking of filing for disability insurance and workman’s compensation, it is important that you consult with disability insurance lawyers. Since the laws related to disability insurance and workman’s compensation are often complex, a knowledgeable and experienced insurance benefits attorney will help you receive a positive outcome and increase your chance of receiving the benefit you deserve.

In addition, since the law only allows for a short period of time within which you can file your claim, a disability claim lawyer will assist you collecting the necessary documents so you would not miss any deadlines. Remember that missing the deadlines would risk your chance of receiving your benefit so speak with an experienced disability lawyer without delay.

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