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Disability Insurance from Social Security

In order for a person to be qualified for disability insurance from social security, he or she must meet the qualifications stated under the rules regarding disability. The definition of disability under social security is that the person is under a debilitating physical condition which can even lead to death and makes him unable to involve in any gainful activity. Furthermore, under the rules of the Social Security Administration, the claimant must have worked in a type of employment that is covered by social security. Once a person qualifies, the disability insurance will be paid until such time that the claimant is able to work again on a regular basis.

If you suddenly become disabled you should immediate apply for disability insurance form social security. Be sure to prepare all the supporting documents – medical results and other paper works, that will help strengthen your case. The Social Security Administration particularly the disability determination services are very strict in the requirements so that only those who are really disabled will receive the just benefits they deserve. There are two programs that an applicant can qualify in. These programs are the SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and the SSI (Supplemental Security Income).

Once an application is approved the benefit will be provided to the claimant in the form of a monthly check. This check will continue until such time that the person has recovered and is able to work again. If the disability results in death, the benefits can be paid to the surviving family members including the spouse or the children.

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