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Disability Laws  

   The Disability Laws have some requisites before a petition for Social Security disability claim is approved. This is to ensure that the claimant is really eligible for the said benefit.

A. An employee who earns more than the average monthly income set by the Social security Administration will not be considered disabled. As of 2007, the allowed monthly earnings for claimants who are non-blind is $900 and for blind individuals, $1500. These figures change every year depending to the cost of living. And, if you decide not to perform gainful activities, the agency will just refer to your medical condition.
B. To be able to meet the definition of disability under the Disability Laws, your affliction must considerably reduce your capability to perform your work for the period of twelve months or one year. Your disability claim will just be denied if your medical condition is not that serious.

C. If your sickness is on the List of Impairments which is regarded by the law to be severe; you are undoubtedly considered as disabled and qualified for the financial assistance of the government. But if your condition is not on the list, the Social Security office will determine if your case is as harsh as those on the list.

D. Claimants should be proven incapacitated to carry out his former jobs to be considered disabled.

E. The Social Security Administration will assess your medical condition, educational attainment, age, employment records and working skills in order to determine if you can still perform other jobs. If you are still capable of working for other jobs, you are not eligible for the disability claim.

   After the state agency has settled on your qualifications, they will inform you about the decision through mail. If it is approved, it will state how much you will be receiving and when will the benefits start.
   Establishing your eligibility for a disability claim may seem so simple. But, the entire process may be difficult for a person who has not much understanding on the Disability Laws. You may consider employing the aid of our credible and competent Social Security Law Attorneys. If so, call us right away and we will provide you with the best disability attorney in California to ensure that you will acquire the benefits that you deserve.

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