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If you are unable to work for a year or more due to your disabling condition and are denied of your disability benefits, consult a disability lawyer to review the details of your case.

In many cases, people who initially file their disability claims are being denied of their benefits often because they fail to comply with the requirements of the Social Security Administration. Although it seems so simple to file an application online, by phone, via mail or in person, there are some procedures that need an expert assistance. Thus, many disabled claimants ceased in pursuing their rights to suitable benefits.

In filing for disability benefits, you will be required to present various documents that will attest your disabling condition, personal identification, work experience and tax credits. It is therefore important to keep all medical examination results, doctor prescriptions and other medical documents.

To become eligible for benefits, your illness must have lasted for 12 months or may result to death. Also, it must hinder you from doing any substantial gainful work. If not, it should belong to Social Security’s list of disabling illnesses.

If your disability benefit application has been denied on your initial try and you firmly believe that you are eligible to receive benefits, hire the services of a respected Social Security disability lawyer and file an appeal before the Administrative Law Judge. Here, you will be asked some questions regarding your illness. In some cases the ALJ may also ask you to undergo further medical examinations to confirm your illness.

An expert representation is definitely important during this stage. A qualified disability hearing attorney can teach you how to answer those questions and help you in gathering various documents as the SSA may require.

Dial our toll-free number now to know how you can obtain your disability benefits the soonest possible time. Our lawyers are equipped with the proper skills in handling all the procedures in filing disability claims. We will assist you in every step until you have already obtained your first Social Security check.

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