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We all know that it is vital for us employees to keep an eye on our health. However, whether we like it or not, chances of incurring disabilities while working is not impossible. Thus, in planning to file a social security claim due to your sustained disability, it is better if you shall consider consulting our proficient social security El Segundo attorneys. This will enable you to lessen or even prevent any problems and obstacles that might occur in the process.

Workers who are not able to perform their jobs due to their disabilities certainly will not be receiving their income until they become fit enough to report to their works. In addition, during their unwaged period, they have the tendency to experience financial difficulties. This is much burdensome if the disabled individual happens to be the family’s lone income earner. The government, indeed, entitled the affected employees to receive monthly benefits through the Social Security Disability benefits program. Hence, they must first prove their disabilities and submit all the requirements in order to be eligible for the benefits. The aid of our El Segundo attorneys can help them in these tasks.

Once a worker has established his qualifications, he may then bring his petition to the SSA office for verification and approval. Unfortunately, majority of the initial claims filed to the SSA are subsequently denied for some reasons. One of which is the absence of an expert representative to guide them in pursuing their claims. Without the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced advocate, the claimants may not be able to resolve the problems that might occur. This is why it is very important to appoint our social security El Segundo attorneys to have a worry-free application.

For free consultation, dial the number on your monitor. Impart us your complete contact information and some facts about your case. The Mesriani Law Group’s social security El Segundo attorneys will then evaluate your case; and if we see that you are qualified, we will help you pursue the application. Moreover, we will furnish all the required documents and evidences to strengthen your petition. We will that you will obtain the benefits that are due to you.

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