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Employment Verification Systems Lead Thieves to Assume Full Identities

October 23, 2012

Wichita – Identity thieves now assume full identities instead of just stealing Social Security numbers due to the common use of employment verification systems, reports said.

Identity fraud is closely linked to illegal immigrants who utilize stolen Social Security numbers for salary purposes. The thieves would use their real names and embezzled numbers in filling out payroll forms.

According to authorities, they fear that this new scam would deceive more unsuspecting Americans.

Total identity theft is a serious health issue for victims since it can mix up the electronic medical records that are linked to Social Security numbers.

Victims are greatly at risk since the accuracy of important patient information such as the blood types or life-threatening injuries is compromised.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the reports of identity theft in 2011 were more than 279,000.

Meanwhile, employment related fraud accounted for the 8 percent of all identity complaints last year.

In addition, states with big immigrant populations such as California have more identity theft complaints, reports further revealed.

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