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When it comes to hiring a social security representative, many still have their second thoughts. Some say that appointing one will just to their expenses; filing a disability claim to the SSA alone is just similar to having an attorney to take charge of the application. In deep contrast, we must say that they mistaken with their arguments. As a fact, most of the legal counsels like our social security Encino attorneys work on a contingent basis. Meaning, our clients do not pay any professional fees until their cases won and they already have obtained their money. This mode of payment will definitely benefit the claimants especially those who are experiencing financial difficulties due to their disabilities.

Next, many of our clients should not have employed the aid of our social security Encino attorneys if they do not find them effective in filing a social security insurance claim. Our team of dedicated and highly competitive case representatives has the capacity to make use of all the available legal means in obtaining the maximum benefits that a claimant can get as prescribed by the Social Security Law. The Mesriani Law Group also guarantees that our clients may enjoy the comfort of relaxing at home, waiting for their full recovery with their families, while our social security Encino attorneys perform the task of pursuing the case on their behalf.

More so, an experienced representative, who has the familiarity and understanding about the social security rules and procedures, has an edge compared to those who have never yet gone through any social security undertaking. Studies show that among the social security benefits applications, most of the approved claims were those aided by a qualified social security representative.

Therefore, if you think, you are eligible to apply for either programs of the SSA, do not make any delay but rather contact our social security Encino attorneys immediately; our firm offers free consultations. Afterwards if we see any reason for you to apply, we will help you pursue your social security claim until it gained approval from the SSA.

Dial our toll-free number now and experience the best treatment coming from our reliable and persistent social security attorneys.

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