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SOCIAL SECURITY LAW: Escondido Disposal Inc. to Fire 50 Illegal Workers

September 14, 2011

Escondido- At least 50 employees of Escondido Disposal Inc. were fired after the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) discovered their tampered Social Security numbers and documents, according to reports on Tuesday.

Reports said the ICE conducted audit on Escondido Disposal Inc. and found more than 50 workers who lack legal papers. The federal agency commented that the workers had invalid Social Security numbers and false work permits.

ICE started the audit on Escondido Disposal on June. The federal agency notified the company of the results last month and ordered the termination of employment contract of more than 50 illegal workers, reports said.

The employer's representative commented that the company had no choice, but to obey the order of ICE. He said the dismissal of about one-quarter of the workforce is a loss for the business. He also remarked that some of the fired employees were experienced and had rendered years of service for the company.

Some of the county's officials reiterated the importance of ICE's audit to detect illegal immigrants and provide adequate jobs for Americans and documented workers.

Critics contested that the E-Verify, which ICE used to screen documents of employees, at times give inaccurate results. The Americans Friends Service Committee also complained that ICE's deadline is insufficient to aid experienced workers on acquiring legal documents.

The ICE is conducting audit on the rest of 1,000 notified companies in the country.

Escondido Disposal Inc. collects recyclables from homes and businesses in the county. It also implements waste management system throughout the city. It employs more than 200 workers as of September 2011.

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