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Facts on Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are indeed helpful and important for those workers who have incurred disabilities while working. Obtaining these benefits is critical since it provide financial assistance for an individual’s treatment and even their family’s daily needs.

Applying for SSDI

There are various ways in applying for SSDI benefits. A disabled worker may file their applications through the internet, via phone call or by proceeding to the Social Security Administration office nearest to him.

To make their application faster, the applicants should bring the following documents on the initial interviews set by the office:

  • Birth certificate or any other documents that indicate their name and age

  • Social Security number

  • Names and contact information of their health care providers such as the hospitals, attending doctors and other individuals or institutions that provided them treatment

  • Documentation of their working experiences for the past fifteen years

  • A copy of their latest W-2 form or their federal tax returns if the applicant is self employed

All these documents must be original copies. However, if the applicants fail to gather these requirements, the SSA will acquire this information for them.

Determining Disability

Not all disabilities are covered by SSDI. All applications are being brought to the office of the Disability Determination Services where they were filed. A group of experts, including a doctor and a specialist on disability evaluation, will determine whether an applicant’s disability is valid.

To be able to meet the criteria, an employee must:

  • have a disability that impede him from exercising “substantial gainful activities” or SGA

  • have an ailment found on the of Social Security; if not, the Social Security will examine the disability whether it has equal severity to any of the illnesses on the list

  • have monthly earnings not exceeding $500

  • have a disability that prevents him from being engaged in any of his jobs for the past 15 years

Other Requirements

The SSA maintains that an employee must have worked recently long enough to any type of employment covered by Social Security. He must have paid his Social Security taxes and earned sufficient work credits. Yet, the required number of credits will depend on the age of the applicant when he sustained disability.

Payment of SSDI Benefits

Usually, the application process may take some time due to the need of assessments in terms of an employee’s medical condition and ability to work. If, after the determination of the SSA, an employee’s application has been approved, he will be able to receive the first check, which date six month after he has sustained his disability.

Hiring Representation

The entire SSDI application may be pursued alone by the disabled employee. However, since his disability and lack of sufficient knowledge about the procedures of filing an application, it would be a wise decision to hire a Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer to assist him.

The long period of wait, along with some intricate legal terms, may give further burden to the applicants. These have been the major reasons why more than 60% of the total number of SSDI applications has been denied.

Proper assessment of disability may be helpful for a worker before pursuing an application. A Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer’s expertise will also increase their chances of having a successful claim.

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