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Federal Court Charges Lafayette Woman of Fraud

April 16, 2012

Lafayette, La. – A Lafayette woman was meted with a federal indictment for hiding a relative’s death from the Social Security Administration (SSA) so she could keep cashing in on the decedent’s monthly retirement benefits, reports said.

The Louisiana paper The Advocate reported that Hazel A. Broussard was charged with 46 counts of mail fraud.

The indictment was filed Wednesday and was made public Thursday.

The charge revealed that Broussard’s uncle, Joseph Nelson Robertson, died April 8, 1984. He was 75.

The same document likewise showed that Broussard’s scheme allegedly allowed her to ineligibly continue receiving her deceased uncle’s retirement checks.

She also allegedly mailed the SSA a change-of-address form so the checks for her deceased uncle would be diverted to her home.

The said checks, dating from May 2007 through March 2011, ranged from $1,037 to $1,127, the indictment further stated.

Broussard was not listed with any attorney.

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