Federal Officials Challenge Illegal Immigrants' Children's Access to US Citizenship

July 11,2011

Washington - The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) officials has released a report on US citizenship update, indicating a number of illegal immigrants' children gaining automatic US citizenship status.

According to CIS reports, a number of illegal immigrants have obtained US citizenship for their newborn babies through the lax policies of state agencies, hospitals, and Social Security Administration (SSA). Parents who are foreign diplomats or illegal immigrants can easily access birth certificate and Social Security forms from authorities.

The CIS officials traced the problem from the obscure clause of 14th Amendment's Citizenship Law. It allows citizenship grant to children born within US territory without further restrictions.

The study showed that the loophole in the 14th Amendment Citizenship law triggered state agencies to release same birth certificates to all newborns. Moreover, the SSA does not implement screening process to prevent issuance of Social Security Numbers (SSNs) to children of foreign diplomats or illegal immigrants.

The researchers commented that though the Congress has no intention to grant automatic birthright citizenship to babies of illegal immigrants born in US, the lack of clear policies has resulted to a number of "super citizens". These children have enjoyed the full benefits of US citizenship, but cannot be litigated when convicted of criminal offense. The discrepancy in jurisdiction has enabled a number of violators to escape penalties.

The CIS officials recommended amendment on the Citizenship law to monitor illegal access on government documents.


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