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Fibromyalgia and Social Security Disability

According to the Social security administration, there is no entry yet in their disability listings of impairment regarding the condition fibromyalgia. Being included in the listing is very important because it provides the criteria necessary in order for a disability claim to be approved. In fibromyalgia and social security disability there are always rules and qualifying conditions that must be met in order for a claim to be approved. Even though the said disease is not yet included in the listings, there have been cases wherein the claimants were able to win their cases. The important thing is that you have the necessary supporting papers – medical results and certificates that will prove your medical condition.

Oftentimes, cases that involve new diseases are hard to process. Even though there is already a medical certificate submitted, the Social Security Administration is not easily swayed by this in order to give a favorable decision. In order to be a good proof, a medical report for fibromyalgia must be detailed, complete with the effects of the disease experienced by the patient.

When a person flies for a fibromyalgia and social security disability claim, the social security office transfers it to the DDS or Disability Determination Services. This branch is the one that decides whether a claim is valid or not and in their hands lies the decision whether to approve or disapprove a disability claim. A specialist is assigned on the case and carefully examines if the condition is really fibromyalgia or just a minor disease.
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