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Five Simple Steps to Stop Social Security Identity Thieves

One of the main concerns of Social Security disability benefits recipients is identity theft. These days, hundreds of scam artists are out there and they have the skills and abilities to snatch unsuspecting people’s benefits. With the rise of Internet technology, a fraud artist may easily hack into people’s accounts and obtain their Social Security without them knowing.

Tips on How to Avoid Identity Thieves

There are certain ways disability program beneficiaries can effectively and conveniently avoid becoming victims of fraud artists.

  1. Protect your Social Security number at all times

    It is never a good idea to give out your SS number to someone whom you do not know. Make sure that you only disclose such information to people whom you trust and if it is really necessary to provide it. If possible, you may give other ID number as an alternative such as driver’s license number.

  2. Be cautious of poseurs
  3. There are many imposters out there who will do everything obtain a person’s SS number; hence, it is a must for all to take extra caution when dealing with strangers. Some scam artists introduce themselves as agents of a certain firm and they will likely to ask a person about vital information including SS number.
  4. Never provide your SS number on the Internet
  5. Internet has become one of the melting pots for scammers and fraud artists. Because of this situation, one should never be overconfident when posting or disclosing personal information on the cyberspace. Make sure that you maintain a strong password for your online accounts such as emails and social networking profiles.
  6. Secure your mails promptly

    Make sure to immediately secure your mails from your mailbox so that no other person may take a look at it. Some mails may contain your SS number; hence, you must protect your letters because some people may use such information for their own benefit.

  7. Call Social Security

    If there is one government agency that is well-knowledgeable of the latest modus operandi of identity theft artists, it is the Social Security Administration (SSA). You may want to call your local SSA field office about information on how to secure your SS number effectively.

    In an unfortunate case that your SS number was stolen from you, you should immediately consult with SSA regarding the issue. Additionally, you may opt to consult with a Social Security disability attorney to forward your concern.

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