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Free Social Security Death Index

The Social Security agency provides a free social security death index for people who need to know the names of deceased social security members. This is a database that any concerned individual can search through. This contains information about members who died at the beginning of 1962 and onwards. Although not all deaths are reported and recorded in 1962, it can provide more results for people who died in more recent years.

 The results of a search in this death index will not only the name but also the year and dates as to when the Social Security card was issued to the deceased. Relevant information about the benefits that were obtained by the deceased is also sometimes included in the information obtained from the death index. For a more valid claim the individual can order the form that was filled out by the individual in the social security.

In order to help out people in their search, the free social security death index is updated every year. Since the lifespan of a person cannot be predicted there are always names to add in this death index. However, only those deaths of members that were reported to the agency will be included in the listing.

If you do not find what you are searching in this free death index, there are also other links provided in the site that you can use in order to have a broader search. These links contain relevant information about social security deaths and record, although the most dependable source is still one provided by the social security itself. 
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