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If you are planning to apply for SSI, it's important to note your conditions for it is a must when filing a claim. SSI is Supplemental Security Income, which means that those who are poor and disabled can collect benefits from Social Security. Under SSI, whether or not you have worked in the past is of no relevance, as it is with Disability Insurance Benefits. To apply for SSI, you might first want to assess how to obtain useful literature or seek guidance. Having someone that can help you with your application process and help you clarify the needs, the details and time needed for your application to go through. For a person who might not be in a condition where they can go to their local Social Security office, they can apply for SSI over the phone.

SSI is not only intended for grown ups, children are also eligible for SSI for instance a a disabled child under the age of 18 is also eligible to collect Supplemental Security Income. The process of filing a claim for a child is very unusual from filing a claim for someone over the age of 18. A case where a child is suffering from a disability affecting their cardiovascular system will be looked at differently compred with an adult who was suffering from the same disability.

One thing is sure; when an adult or a child goes to apply for SSI, it's not easy, and it can be a time consuming process. A child needs to have a guardian that is familiar with the application process. The child also needs to be able to trust that their claim is being filed accurately and completely so he/she can receive the best possible benefits. Anyone who is disabled needs to have support from friends and family to make their situation a more pleasant one.

Here are some information and qualification from SSA on how to apply for SSI for a child: A person who is neither married nor (as determined by Social Security) head of a household and: is under age 18; or is under age 22 and (as determined by Social Security) is a student regularly attending school. To be eligible for SSI benefits, a child must be either blind or disabled. A child may be eligible for SSI benefits based on disability from the date of birth; there is no minimum age requirement. A child may be eligible for SSI benefits based on disability until attainment of age 18. At age 18, SSA evaluates a person's impairments based on the definition of disability for adults.

If a child is under age 18, not married, and lives at home with parents who do not receive SSI benefits, SSA may consider a portion of the parents' income and/or resources as if they were available to the child. SSA calls this deeming. SSA make deductions from deemed income for parents and for other children living in the home. After SSA subtracts these deductions, SSA uses the remaining amount to decide if the child meets the SSI income and resource requirements for a monthly benefit.

fyi: supplemental security income are also for children
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