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SOCIAL SECURITY: Governor Chris Gregoire Opposes E-Verify Expansion Bill

October 19, 2011

Seattle- Governor Chris Gregorie has opposed the expansion of E-Verify Bill in Congress, according to reports on Wednesday.

Reports said Gregorie has argued against the mandatory implementation of E-Verify among employers in the country during the Congress debate weeks ago.

Gregorie has stated that the expansion of E-Verify will affect the recent shortage of farm workers such as in Washington and Clark County. She contested that though the mandatory implementation of E-Verify among counties will free at least 7 million jobs, the farmers and the small communities will suffer from the job loss, reports said.

Reports said a representative drew an example from the town of Yacolt, Clark. She explained that the community has only 1,585 residents, most of whom lack documents. Almost the town’s entire workforce is employed in Yacolt Trading Post and small business, whose employers are considering the implementation of mandatory E-Verify.

The governor recommended reviewing the effects of the E-Verify on local labor and drafting limitations to protect minimum to below minimum wage-earners, reports said.

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