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If you were a resident of Granada Hills in Los Angeles, California, processing your Social Security Disability claims would be easier and worry free by obtaining the services of Mesriani Law Group’s Granada Hills attorneys.

There may be many steps involved in processing your claims for Social Security Disability benefits. It may depend on the number of times your claim is denied and you appealed. As an overall standard, however, you have to go through five stages before you finally receive the benefits you deserve and need. Our Granada Hills attorneys are knowledgeable and highly experienced regarding these stages as we endeavor to advocate you skillfully. We know that each of these stages have standard formats, regulations and decision-making processes.

The initial four stages of the claims process are conducted within the offices of the Social Security Administration. Meanwhile, the final and fifth stage is beyond the bounds of Social Security.

The foremost stage happens right after you have filed claims for benefits under the Social Security Disability program in the Social Security Administration office near your area. Then, a disability examiner would go through your claim’s supporting documents. The examiner will review your medical records, social security file, and other pertinent information regarding your disability. He or she will also meet with the doctor who gave your diagnosis. This is a major part in determining your disability and eligibility for benefits under the Social Security disability program.

Generally, more than half the percentage of those who filed for claims ends up being denied. After being denied, you can still appeal for reconsideration of your claim within 65 days from the date of the rejection letter of the Social Security Administration. In this stage, too almost 80% are rejected, which takes you to another venue of appeal by requesting an administrative law judge for a hearing. As a claimant, you will present your personally before the judge who will decide your on your claim.

If you still end up unsuccessful, you can take your case before the Appeals Council and then to the Federal Courts. There is always a tendency for Social Security Disability claims to become time consuming, tedious and complicated. Our firm’s Granada Hills attorneys are experienced in advocating people in whatever stage of their Social Security disability claim.

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