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More often than not, the processing of Social Security Disability claims takes up such a long time. Generally, it is not because the system of disability claims processing is slow but because the claims filed by the claimants themselves are not complete.

If you are a Social Security disability claimant located in the city of Hawthorne, Los Angeles County, California, you can have an ally and partner to aid in speeding up your claims processing. The Hawthorne attorneys of Mesriani Law Group are reputable and widely experienced in the workings of claims for Social Security disability benefits.

Our Hawthorne attorneys have specialized knowledge on cutting down the time you need to spend with the Social Security’s system. You will spend less time worrying if you obtain the services of a veteran Social Security attorney nearer your area. Our Hawthorne attorneys are accessible and can assist you through the myriad bureaucracies and other intricate processes in ensuring that the required documents in your claims are complete and be submitted as soon as possible.
Here are the paper work items our Hawthorne attorneys will help prepare for you. Having these items is essential in putting together a comprehensive and well-organized Social Security disability benefits claim:
-    Your social security number cards. All applicants for social security benefits need to have their Social Security cards.
-    Your birth certificate
-    According to applicability, documents pertaining to military discharge
-    The dates of your medical treatments and where they were conducted
-    Pertinent information regarding the health providers who have treated you
-    The names of medications your are presently taking
-    All of your medical records taken from the places where you have taken treatments
-    Your tax data
-    Your employment history during the past 10 ½ years
-    The dates of your past marriages if the one filing the claim is your spouse.
Likewise, if you are going to apply for Supplemental Security Income or SSI, Hawthorne attorneys will guide you in putting together a complete list of the items required.
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