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Health Insurance Disability Discrimination


To deal with issues concerning health benefits can be very disappointing and confusing. Public and private benefits are basics that people should learn and understand in order to avoid common problems. Benefit programs and health insurance policies may vary in terms of what they provide. To fully enjoy your benefits, you must have the full understanding of insurance policies by contacting your insurance representative. It pays to know how your policy works since disability discrimination poses a threat.

Your need for fair and equitable health care
Health insurance disability discrimination must end if all individuals are to receive truly fair and equitable health care. Although employers are not obligated to provide health insurance plan to their employees, when they do decide to offer health insurance benefits, they must do so in a manner that treats everybody the same way. Workers with disabilities and their dependents must have the same access to the plan as non disabled workers and their dependents. The Americans with Disabilities Act states that an employer may not categorically or subjectively limit coverage to an employee based on the person’s disability.

However, if an employer can show that the coverage of a disabled employee will case the health insurance plan to reduce benefits for everyone, result in a drastic increase in premiums or risk the fiscal soundness of the health plan the employer may deny coverage to a disabled worker. Nevertheless, the employer must have supporting financial and medical evidences and data to justify the denial. Health insurance disability discrimination is one of the most complex areas of disability law. Fir instance, a conduct by the insurer that is not discriminatory under federal law may still be unlawful under other state laws governing insurers. Because of the fact of a particular situation is essential, it is always advisable to consult with a lawyer who is familiar with insurance law and disability discrimination.

If you have a suspicion in any way that you have been a victim of health insurance disability discrimination, you should immediately arrange for a consultation with a knowledgeable attorney. After reviewing the facts of your case, a lawyer will be able to give you an opinion as to whether filing a legal action is reasonable. Prompt consultation can help you enable your lawyer to effectively prepare and represent your case. Hence, if ever you have considering filing a health insurance disability discrimination claim talk with a lawyer without delay. Remember that with the passage of time, valuable evidence can be lost and the memories of witnesses may fade so make your move right away.

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