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Helping Permanent Disability Claimants

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides benefits to people with permanent disability whether or not they have earned enough points by paying the social security taxes.

SSA only provides benefits to those whose physical or mental condition is expected to last for not less than 12 months. Also, an applicant must be sure to provide documents stating that an acknowledged physician has verified his condition.

Here are other reminders that will help claimants in receiving their much needed benefits:

  • Claimants are not required to quit work, if there is any, just so they can receive benefits.

  • Workers applying for disability benefits must prove that their earnings are limited and insufficient to provide for their needs and medication.

  • The permanent disability may either be mental or physical but it should be recognized and apparent.

  • Workers can still work before or after they are granted of their benefits.

  • Claimants can represent themselves but in each hearing, they are expected to know the procedures and necessary documents.

  • SSA rejects almost half of all their yearly applicants so it would be best to make sure that all procedures are strictly followed.
  • A person can file an appeal if his application is rejected.

To know more about these hearings and appeals, it would be best to contact the agency or an expert in these cases such as social security lawyers.

Two Programs of SSA

In order to cater to the needs of people with disabilities, the SSA provides benefits under two programs:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance – Sends benefits to workers who have paid enough security taxes to earn them enough points needed. Their benefits can also be extended to certain family members.

  • Supplemental Security Income – SSI gives equal opportunity to the less fortunate who has a disability, blindness, or is aged by providing them with supplemental income that should help with their needs.

Both programs will require the applicant to provide an extensive medical, education, and employment history so that the agency can decide whether or not they are qualified to receive benefits from either program.

Qualified Applicants

You can file claims for SSA benefits if you are:

  • An employee who have worked for a certain number of years and have earned points by paying the social security taxes.

  • An adult child of an SSDI eligible worker provided that the medical condition was incurred before reaching the age of 22.

  • A child or an adult with insufficient income to provide for his needs.

Rejected applicants still have the chance to receive benefits by filing appeals with the help of experts. These social security attorneys will be able to make sure that they claim the rightful benefits by clearly presenting his client’s eligibility.

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