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SOCIAL SECURITY LAW: House Speaker Proposes Budget Cutbacks Next Fiscal Year to Address Costs

March 4, 2011

Washington, DC - The national budget on Social Security and Medicare is set to experience serious cutbacks to control its program costs.

In an interview, House Speaker John Boehner announces that he is determined to support this budget cut despite the political risks for the Republicans. He further said that they will attempt to let the Americans be aware of the country’s financial problem that urge them to bring out the plan.

Boehner also proposed a raise on the members’ retirement age to further help in resolving the budget setback. His plan covers those who will not retire for the next 20 years.

This proposed cut back on Social Security and Medicare has drawn the attention of some Democrats saying that the bill would mean “killing an ant with a nuclear weapon” and that this plan is a “blueprint” to privatizing Social Security. They reiterate that the budget deficit may be resolved without affecting the workers and the economy.

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