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How Important Is Your Social Security Number?

Social Security is providing each member with individual Social Security Number. The rationale behind the issuing of Social Security Number is to facilitate the processing of claims and benefits. Each Social Security member is provided with a unique number different from everyone else this means no two members would have the same number account. The Social Security Number identifies the Social Security Account of each of the member.

Social Security makes use of these accounts in maintaining all the records of each of their members. And also the earnings as well as the benefits are verified by accounts contained under the Social Security records.

The Social Security number is also very useful when applying for a job. Employers make use of the social security numbers of their employees to pay for their contributions. Moreover, Social Security numbers are also used by most financial institutions in recording the amount of interest that Social Security members have earned from them. Even the Internal Revenue makes use of the Social Security Number in determining the amount of tax a Social Security member needs to pay. The members Social Security accounts provide basis for both government as well as private businesses when they are in search for information regarding their employees.  Nevertheless, all the information contained in the Social Security Account of each member is not released without any consent from the concerned member but unless the law permits the discharge of any information then and only then can information be released.  All information contained in the Social Security member’s accounts is confidential.

Each member is mandated by the Social Security to get a Social Security Number. However, for those members who lost their social security card and may want to apply for another card they can call the Social Security hotline in their area or they may visit the Social Security Office for instructions. The usual requirement for lost Social Security card is an affidavit of loss duly notarized by an attorney. Also satisfactory proof of identification is required. For members who may want to have their name changed or their status changed, they may bring their birth certificate while a marriage contract or annulment or divorce court ruling is required for those who want to have their status changed. Likewise, for members who may want to add beneficiaries, they can call the Social Security Office for documents that are required for them to submit. And please be reminded that only certified copies of pertinent documents are required.



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