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Illinois’ Medicaid Cuts to Deny Elderly of Nursing and At-home Aid

March 7, 2012

Chicago – The $2.7 billion Gov. Pat Quinn wanted to cut out of Illinois’ projected Medicaid spending is apparently hard to achieve.

Quinn’s administration readied a list of possible cuts that didn’t quite add up to the proposed figure.

According to Quinn’s senior health adviser Michael Gelder, they are still calculating different alternatives for certain dollar amounts for consideration and use of the bipartisan legislative working group.

Gelder added that lawmakers would have to handpick which items from the said list should make the final roster of possible cuts to hit the proposed $2.7 billion cut.

Apparently the listed options added up to only $1.9 billion, or almost a billion short of the targeted figure. The options consist of reasonable items covered by private insurance plans.

Some of the most extreme proposals concern Medicaid services such as eligibility rules for nursing homes and at-home help. If included on the final list, a lot of incontinent elderly who depend heavily on Medicaid-paid services like bathing and cooking may have to do the chores themselves.

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