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The Inglewood attorneys of Mesriani & Associates have been helping injured claimants all over the city of Inglewood for 30 years. We have delivered, and will still deliver, high quality representation for all seriously injured people and survivors of deceased who were killed due to negligence or wrongful intent. Our dedication to our practice has earned unprecedented reputation among other personal injury attorneys in California.

Because a great deal of our practice is focused on personal injury cases, we have been very successful in pursuing them, whether it's thru negotiating for a fair settlement thru mediation or arbitration, or getting favorable verdicts from litigation. The Inglewood attorneys from Mesriani & Associates have been handling many types of personal injury cases, whether it's motor vehicle accident, truck accident, construction accident, bike accidents, product liability, medical malpractice and intentional tort. Our years of experience with handling these cases gave us a firmly-grounded understanding of the nature of personal injury, and we have used this knowledge to fight against insurance companies and corporations who have been responsible for our client's injuries.

We handle all our cases as if it's our topmost priority case. We always personalize our cases by working very closely with our clients from start to finish, and it's a big reason why we have been very effective in establishing a good case before the jury, which led to good verdicts.

Our legal services work on a contingency fee basis. That means we don't charge our clients anything if we don't win their cases. And we offer free initial legal consultation for everyone who needs our counseling. We carefully choose and limit the cases we handle due to the fact that we want to give great attention and care to every case. This is our way of commitment to fight for our clients to get the rightful compensation they deserve.

If you live in Inglewood and have sustained a serious injury due to negligence, call our Inglewood attorneys today from Mesriani & Associates. Our toll-free number is available 24 hours a day and you will get in touch with our lawyers real quick. Your peace of mind is our concern.

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