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Keep your Disability Claim Going

As much as they would want to prevent it, dedicated and hardworking citizens can not control situations leading to their demise or disability. Disability becomes the consequence of illness or accidents in or out of their workplace. Being disabled, one can not anymore perform their present job or any other kind of jobs, anymore.

As a government service to workers inflicted with disability, the Social Security Act provides the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs. As compensation for the loss of income by the disabled worker, they can file for disability claims under these programs.

However, many of those who filed their disability insurance claims fall victim into believing that everything would go smoothly and that nothing will mar their claim for benefits. It is important to be enlightened with the hard facts regarding this matter so as to prevent bitter disappointments during the process.

First of all, be aware that the process of securing claims is not a walk in the park. It is a long and constant follow-up. Few claimants are ever enlightened of this fact upon filing for their Social Security disability benefits. There are certain levels in processing of claims, the initial level and the reconsideration level.

According to statistics, 60 – 70% of disability claims at the initial level are denied. Many have experienced receiving in their first notification letters from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that their claims have been denied. Meanwhile, up to 80 – 85% of the claims in the reconsideration level are denied. With this, the social security disability benefit claims takes up to two or more years.

Having these facts in mind, how can one keep their disability claim going?

First of all, for those who find that their case is denied, remember that panicking and brooding about it will not help any. This is not a personal failure since almost all of the claimants experience this. As long as you have your medical records intact and know that your impairments are serious, do not ever give up nor hesitate on filing for an appeal. This is a necessary process and filing a brand new claim should never be an option.

As soon as you received the notification letter expressing denial of your claim, immediately request for an appeal. A grace period of 60 days is given for those who wanted to appeal their claim. Express the appeal by requesting for reconsideration. This should be done personally so that the request will become an official record at the SSA office where the initial claim was filed.

Failure to file for appeal within 60 days will result to losing appeal rights. It is tedious to start at the very beginning again, which involves the filing of a new Social Security Disability or SSI application and most probably, waiting out just to get another denied case.

Once the disability claim has been filed, it is necessary to keep on going, even if the initial level and reconsideration level of the case turns out to be denied. Establish a constant contact with the SSA office where the claim is filed. Getting the advice and guidance of a social security law attorney or even non-attorney representative may also be helpful.

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