Security Complaints: LA Judge Dismisses Metrolink Engineers' Complaint on Security Cameras

June 3, 2011

Los Angeles- A LA County Superior Court has dismissed the Metrolink Engineers' complaint on installed surveillance cameras on locomotive cabs.

Reports said Judge Luis Lavin issued the decision on Wednesday in favor of the Metrolink administration. Lavin rejected the Metrolink Engineers' lawsuit, which had asserted the admin's violation of privacy rights and breach of due process.

According to reports, Lavin found no evidence that can prove Southern California Regional Rail Authority's violation of privacy rights. He reiterated that the Metrolink administration has maintained its existing grievance procedure even after the installation of CCTV cameras. More so, the plaintiff failed to establish that the cameras represent "abuse of power", which is a factor for due-process violation.

On the other hand, the Engineers have stated in the lawsuit that the administration crossed the privacy rights line when they allowed employees be seen on camera while urinating on bottles (the locomotive cabs have no toilets). Also, the employees were neither warned nor gathered for a meeting before the officers started installing the cameras.

Reports said that Lavin upheld the Metrolink admin's legitimate intention of implementing more safety measures to prevent any further accidents.

The Metrolink admin installed the cameras in October 2009 after the Chatsworth train accident. The collision with Union Pacific train fatally killed 25 passengers and injured more than 100 others. Police investigation had indicated the Metrolink engineer's texting while operating and hitting the red light as causes of the accident.

The recent lawsuit was the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen union's second petition. The first was filed before a U.S. District court, and was dismissed by Judge Percy Anderson with similar reasons.

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