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Lawyers: The Unsung Heroes?

Ironic isn’t it? That something so precious can be obtained for so little. For instance, only three hundred dollars and a short operation can offer a deaf person the gift of hearing. Hardly expensive until you realize how many need treatment. Nothing is more priceless than knowing that some things in life are still cheap, if not free.

People often connote legal representation to expense. Of course legal representation is expensive, as expensive as hiring a plumber to repair your pipes or obtaining the service of a computer technician to repair your personal computer. Believe it or not lawyer’s fees nowadays are within reach to anyone who needs legal aid, whether you are a rich business tycoon or a simple bank employee. For instance, a Social Security Disability lawyer are only paid attorney’s fee if they have won your case. You need not pay them their fee if they are not able to get you the benefit you are seeking for, although you may be held liable for the out of pocket expenses such as transportation expense and expense in acquiring the medical reports needed. Simply put, Social Security disability lawyers work on a contingency basis.

Legal aid is really indispensable especially if it is the law and the lives of other people that you have tampered with. As everyone has equal legal rights under the law, it does not really mean that since you are rich you will receive a more favorable judgment than your low life adversary or just because you are a mere employee you will receive lower benefits than an employer. Status in life is not the deciding factor in laying down judgments. After all, what is the use of having laws and regulations when it does not bring justice, which is really why it was created in the first place.

Aristotle once quoted, ‘The law is reason free from passion’ because in actuality, passion is everywhere in the law. It is passion that makes people desire revenge in the first place, when prosecuting a criminal. Lawyers use passion when appealing to juries, to make them see their point of view. Judges use passion, even if they try to reduce it as much as possible, when judging a criminal, particularly for heinous crimes. And so on.

Being a lawyer is a noble profession. They are the elite forces of the justice system. They are the people we call for when trouble comes, at least those legal in nature. If doctors are for healing and teachers are for teaching then lawyers are for protection. Hence, we cannot deny the fact that lawyers affect our lives one way or another. Justice and equality is what everyone craves for and lawyers are probably the individuals who can give that to us.
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