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Livermore Woman Arrested for Claiming 19 Dependents on Tax Returns

August 15, 2011

Los Angeles - A Livermore woman was arraigned on Monday for making false claims that she had 19 dependents in her tax returns.

According to the Internal Review Service, Norma Coronel indicated in her tax returns that she had 19 children born to her on the same day. She used false Social Security numbers for the dependents and filed claims separately.

Coronel wrote in her tax returns that she gave birth to the children at Good Samaritan Hospital on December 11, 2002.

The IRS-Criminal Investigation and the Social Security Administration officials conducted investigation and discovered Coronel's fraudulent documents. Authorities found her hospital records, indicating that she gave birth to one son on December 11.

Police officers arrested Coronel on July 12 and charged her with 35 violations before the US District Court in Los Angeles on Monday. If proven guilty, she will render 143 years in prison and pay $5.6 million as penalty.

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