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Long Term Disability Attorney

In today’s age and environment, having long term disability insurance is a necessity. Having a temporary disability is already financially and emotionally distressing. Hence, permanent loss of income can result in a financial disaster. If you have incurred serious illness, consult with our long term disability attorney for your possible benefits eligibility.

Social Security will of course be there to provide you with benefits. But there are requirements which you have to meet in order to be eligible file a Social Security disability claim. You must be disabled for twelve months before you are considered eligible.

Even if you have met this condition, seven out of ten applicants are still turned down the first time due to insufficiency of documents or improper filing. On top of this, there is a six month waiting period once you do become eligible.

Usually long term disability is provided by your employer’s disability carrier or by a private carrier. Workers who have been disabled due to an injury or a present medical or unhealthy condition are those who may be entitled to collect long term disability benefits.

A number of case reviews reveal that legitimate disability cases were denied by disability insurance companies. Such denials are purposely made so that these companies can make more profit. That is why if you are unable to work and denied to win benefits, you should have a long term disability lawyer to examine your case.

A knowledgeable long term disability attorney will know how to approach your case to enable you to get a positive outcome. In order to be able to file a claim, you must be able to present medical records needed to process your claim. Your claim will be more effective when presented with the assistance of an expert disability attorney.

Call us now and we will provide you a legal partner to help you in applying for Social Security benefits. Our long term disability attorney has all the experience and expertise in handling this type of claims. You need not have to pay any fees unless we already obtain your benefits.

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