Los Angeles Disability Claim Attorneys

To have at least an understanding on how to apply for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability Benefit or if you acquire disability, you can ask the assistance of our Los Angeles disability claim attorneys. They are very much knowledgeable and highly skilled to address your concerns regarding the Social Security Law and its procedures.

In fact, our law office only hires competent attorneys whom we train to further enhance their proficiency in handling SSI cases and become experts in this legal field. Our attorneys are also adept on the techniques which can be used in the application process to help you gain your disability benefit.

So if you are having plans of filing a petition before the Social Security office, do not waste much time and efforts. Just call us and we will manage the filing for you.

We will provide you a California disability to assist you in going through the following steps in filing your petition:

  • Determine whether you are eligible for SSI Disability Claim and how much you can acquire upon the approval of your application.

  • Gather all the necessary documents such as your medical records and other pertinent papers that prove your incapability to engage in productive activities as the Social Security Law requires.

  • Schedule you for further medical and vocational tests

  • Ask the Administrative Law Court to schedule hearing where he subsequently represent you, present the evidences he already gathered and call on some witnesses to testify in your favor.

  • Appeal to the higher level of the Social Security Agency or even into the civil courts if ever your case will be denied.

The procedure may sound so complicated, but hiring our disability lawyer Los Angeles will make it easier to you. We will guarantee that your legal concerns and petition will be given full attention and afterwards be granted by the SSA.

Contact us right away and let us work together for your rights. You may send the details of your case by filling out our evaluation form and receive free advice from our expert Los Angeles disability claim attorneys.

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