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As the Los Angeles Disability Laws clearly stated, not all disabled people can avail of a Social Security Claim. It affirmed that one can only petition for a benefit if and only if he is below 50 years old and able to prove that he is unfit for any other job before an Administrative Law Court.
The Los Angeles Disability Laws have several other declarations. Your age, educational attainment, working skills and the level of your affliction may affect your case. If you experience a severe disability that hinders you to perform other work and already at the age of 55 above, you have a good chance of obtaining your Disability Claim. Your chances also increase if you haven’t finished your secondary education yet and your working skills fall beyond the average. Although it is quite odd to say, it is more advantageous for those people who are older, uneducated and unskilled to file a Disability Claim under the Los Angeles Disability Laws. However, a person who is obviously physically ill and incapable of working is almost mandatory to be given benefit even if he is young and well-educated.

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